Listen: Courtney Moore releases new single ‘Selfish’

Three Rivers native and vocalist Courtney Moore dropped a new single Friday titled “Selfish,” the first single off her sophomore album “25.”

Moore’s debut album “Senful” (misspelled intentionally) was released last July, and she hopes to release “25” this summer on June 6. The name of the forthcoming album and its anticipated release date are both personally significant to Moore, the latter of which could be in jeopardy due to COVID-19.

“I have everything written, we have the beats that we need, it’s actually (just a matter of) me meeting up with (my producer) to lay the tracks down to get it finished,” she said. “I want to finish the album and release it on June 6 because my granny, who passed away in October, that’s her birthday. And that’s kind of significant because she was born in ’44 and I was born in ’94, so me turning 25 is significant because she turns 75 and I turn 25. So I’m really hoping they’ll be able to get it out on that date.”

One of the main differences between “Senful” and “25,” according to Moore, is the writing. She said she wrote “pretty much all of the music” for “25,” while getting occasional help finishing a verse or writing a chorus.

“For this album it is mostly my own writing. After the last album I kind of figured out how to write a little bit,” she said.

As for the meaning behind the song “Selfish,” it’s about “two people in a relationship with one person wanting all of the attention,” Moore said, “and that’s not what a relationship should be about.”

Moore wrote “Selfish” in October 2019, and thought she had finished it. But after showing the song to a friend who wrote music on “Senful,” he threw on a hook for Moore, and from there she began working with South Bend producer and artist Tre Marquise, who Moore says helped her grow vocally and helped her gain a stronger foothold in “the R&B realm.”

“This album has been a lot about growth for me, and being 25 and having different experiences at 25 than I had at 21, which was mainly what my last album was about,” Moore said. “So there’s an age gap between the last album and this album which is a little more mature than the last one. I definitely think the quality as far as my confidence and everything is much better now. For new listeners, I would still like them to listen to ‘Senful’ but ’25’ is more reflective of who I am today.”

“Selfish” is available on all major music streaming platforms.

Alek Haak-Frost is the executive editor of Watershed Voice.