Listen: Mitchie’s World — by Mitchie Moore

Local recording artist and producer Mitchie Moore released a new full-length album on November 27, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and other music apps. The album is described by Mitchie as experimental hip-hop/rap, with inspirations from electronic music. 

Moore started creating music in 2015. He said his inspiration comes from everywhere—“Every beast, man, woman, child, king, legend, god; they all inspire me to reflect and maybe adjust my alignment, reflection or will. Music runs through me like something I cannot explain. It really depends on what vibe I’m on.”

“My musical upbringing is diverse,” says Mitchie, “from the church to the underground, rap to rock, dance, multicultural, trance, spiritual, orchestral—really, everything.” 

DJ Mitchie Moore performs at the Three Rivers open mic in July at The Huss Project. (Deborah Haak-Frost|Watershed Voice)

Other than music, Moore also enjoys expression through dance, poetry, painting, yoga, and fashion. “My dream is to be free. Completely [and] utterly…free in the kingdom of Heaven, Grace, Nirvana, Peace, Love, Blessing—however you see it,” and music helps him express that feeling, says Moore. 

When asked about his artistic relationship with his sister Courtney, he said, “Yes. We do work together. In the past I have been supporting her vision and showing up for her. She can put a good team together. She also promotes me, and is there when I need an ear to listen, or input on an idea.”

Mitchie Moore’s new album, Mitchie’s World, is his first full length album available on streaming platforms, and joins four EPs in his discography. In addition to streaming his music, you might also enjoy Moore’s creativity during HarmonyFest, monthly open-mics, or see his recent mural installation in the east parking lot walkthrough in downtown Three Rivers. 

Michael “Hogey” Hogoboom is a writer and podcaster for Watershed Voice.