St. Joseph County CTE Students of the Semester Announced


The St. Joseph County Career & Technical Education (CTE) Consortium congratulates students who have distinguished themselves in their CTE programs and have been selected “CTE Student of the Semester” for the first semester of 2020-21:

Jacie King, Sturgis High School, Agriscience 

Jacie King is a senior in the second year of the Agriscience program at Centreville High School and is actively involved in the FFA student organization, serving as the Chapter Reporter.  “Jacie always arrives to class with a great smile and an encouraging word for her fellow students,” says Agriscience instructor Jenny Troyer. “I can always count on Jacie to step up and help whenever and wherever she sees a need. Jacie goes above and beyond in her school work and always strives to do her best. She is a pleasure to have in class.”

Allison Littlefield, Sturgis High School, Agriscience 

Allison Littlefield is also a second-year senior in Agriscience.  Allison serves as the FFA Chapter President and is a great ambassador for the FFA program, encouraging her classmates to become involved with FFA and the agricultural industry. While the Agriscience program was in virtual learning mode from early November through mid-January, Allison was a driving force in getting her classmates to participate in activities and start preparations for FFA contests. Allison plans to pursue a career in agriscience education.

Samuel Kinder, Sturgis High School, Automotive Technologies

Sam Kinder is a first-year senior in the CTE Automotive Technologies program held at Glen Oaks Community College (GOCC) who has impressed instructor Jim Deroshia and assistant Tim Freehling from the start of the year. “Watching Sam, seeing his attitude and drive, it is clear he will be successful in future endeavors,” says Mr. Deroshia. “Sam’s enthusiasm for automotive technology is almost palpable, you can feel his excitement as you listen to him talking about rebuilding a 1993 Dodge D250 Cummins pickup truck at home.” Upon graduation, Sam plans to enroll in the University of Northwestern Ohio where he can explore his passion for automotive and diesel performance with a personal goal to open his own shop in the future.

Ezra Geroux, Sturgis High School, Automotive Technologies

Ezra Geroux is an outstanding second-year student in the CTE Automotive Technologies program who has expressed an interest in continuing his education in the automotive and diesel programs at Baker College. He has been highly successful and hopes to build upon the mechanical skills he has achieved in the class. In addition, Ezra is involved in several extracurricular activities and is currently working on the final steps to earn his Eagle Scout badge with the Boy Scouts of America.

Katlin Tissue, Centreville High School, Automotive Technologies

Katlin Tissue has also demonstrated excellence during her two years in the Auto Tech program. Whether in the classroom or hands-on in the shop, Katlin has proven she has the skills to be highly successful, including reliability, eagerness, thoroughness and commitment. CTE Student Success Coordinator Jennifer Yesh has observed Katlin and lauds her engagement in class and as a leader. In her spare time, Katlin enjoys working on projects with her father in the shop at home, performing automotive repairs for family and friends and building a “work-in-progress” race car.

James Reynolds, Mendon High School, Computer Coding & Gaming

James Reynolds is a junior at Mendon in his first year of the Computer Coding & Gaming class held at Three Rivers High School. Instructor Phil Webb believes James is doing a great job in class and has “tremendous potential as he pursues a career in software design and development.  James has the drive and motivation to learn and improve, making him a standout in class.” James enjoys working on side projects as well as his academic assignments and is currently weeks ahead of schedule for completing course work.  Keep up the hard work, James!

Jaciel Castro, Three Rivers High School, Construction Trades

“Jaciel Castro has demonstrated all of the qualities that we look for in a CTE Student of the Semester,” says Mitch Nycum, Construction Trades instructor at Three Rivers High School. “Jaciel has been consistent with his cooperation and with the timeliness and quality of work he turns in. He has grown in confidence and skill level when it comes to construction and shows great initiative. It has truly been a pleasure to have Jaciel as part of the Construction Trades class and I look forward to a strong second semester from him.”

Madison Owen, Sturgis High School, Graphic Design

Madison Owen is an Early Middle College student enrolled in the Graphic Design program at GOCC. According to instructor Linda Walker, “Madison has a natural talent and personal ambition that drives her to embrace higher artistic goals beyond the required projects. She is always willing to go the extra mile in order to refine her design projects and work until it’s up to her personal standards, most often exceeding the prescribed objectives. Even though she understands the importance of creating good design, she also understands the needs of clients as if working in the real world.” Madison’s openness to take advice in order to improve her work or help others improve theirs is evident. She has participated in graphic design competitions at GOCC as well as with the Business Professionals of America student organization. She plans to continue her studies in Graphic Design and is interested in a career in animation.

Paxtyn Gerkin, Three Rivers High School, Graphic Design

Ms. Walker describes Paxtyn Gerkin as a high-achieving student in the first-year Graphic Design program with a great capacity for analytical thinking and the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives. She has proven to be a tremendous asset to the class considering the multiple challenges faced with working in digital virtual learning platforms. Her communication skills are outstanding along with her genuine caring attitude for her classmates. She has a cooperative disposition evident in her work habits and willingness to help others in a variety of situations and will be successful wherever her future takes her.

Andrew Littlefield, Sturgis High School, Manufacturing

Andrew Littlefield is a second-year student in the Manufacturing program at Sturgis High School. Instructor Jeff Wanamaker selected Andrew as a CTE Student of the Semester because of his leadership and self-drive to learn more about manufacturing.  “Andrew comes in with a positive attitude every day and a willingness to help wherever he is needed. He is a great asset to the Manufacturing class and will be missed when he graduates.” Andrew plans to pursue a career in agriculture and machining.

Brady Sholl, Sturgis High School, Manufacturing

Another second year standout in Manufacturing is Brady Sholl, who is being recognized for his ability to take direction and his willingness to learn. Mr. Wanamaker says, “Brady comes to class prepared and takes on any challenge that is put in front of him. He demonstrates outstanding leadership skills in the classroom.” Brady plans to attend college and pursue a career in manufacturing.

Chloe Maracle, Sturgis High School, Marketing

Chloe is a senior at Sturgis completing her second year in the Marketing program. She has participated in several clubs during high school, including Business Professionals of America (BPA), Positive School Culture, Key Club, and the Big Buddy Program, and is a four-year Varsity Soccer team member.  Chloe has put the skills she has learned in the Marketing program to great use.  She has worked at Dairy Queen for over 2 years and previously worked at Five Lakes Coffee, Boundary Waters, and Sturgis Youth Soccer Organization where she was a referee for youth soccer games.  In addition, you may have heard her voice on WBET Sturgis Radio Station advertising for Dairy Queen.  After high school, Chloe hopes to attend Indiana University to study broadcasting journalism. Marketing instructor Roxanne Persing says, “It is a privilege to award Chloe as the outstanding Marketing student for first semester.  She demonstrates daily her leadership and work ethic in and outside the school day.”

Emilee Miller, Constantine High School, Medical Occupations

Emilee Miller is a junior in the first year of the Medical Occupations program located at Centreville High School.  Instructor Darci Skrzyniarz says, “Emilee has proven she is committed to service and is conscientious about her work, striving to do her best with whatever she attempts.  She is not afraid to ask questions and to share her knowledge.  She sets a positive example for others in class.”

Bella Kangas, Centreville High School, Medical Occupations

“As a first-year student, Bella sets herself apart from the rest and is a true leader in the classroom.  She accomplishes tasks with efficiency and always seeks additional learning opportunities,” says Ms. Skrzyniarz.  Bella participates in the career technical student organization HOSA and qualified for state competition this year. Her career goal is to become a pediatric surgeon and she shows a true passion for that field by her accomplishments both in class and activities at Centreville High School.

Will Clewell, Constantine High School, Medical Occupations

Will Clewell is a second-year student who takes advantage of every aspect of the Medical Occupations program, including participation in HOSA.  Will recently placed first in the regional competition for Medical Assisting.  Ms. Skrzyniarz says, “Will is a conscientious worker and pays attention to details. He is helpful to his peers and looks for ways to increase his knowledge in class.”

Kryssalyn Schmucker, Centreville High School, Medical Occupations

Another second-year student in Medical Occupations who has demonstrated excellence is Kryssalyn Schmucker. She is a quiet leader who strives to do her best and achieve personal goals, but is always willing to help a classmate when needed. When it comes to commitment and service, she sets an example for others to follow. Kryssalyn plans to attend nursing school at GOCC after graduation.

Connor Oatley, Mendon High School, Welding

Connor Oatley is a junior at Mendon in the first year of the Welding program at GOCC. Instructor Alyse Bannister says, “I enjoy having Connor in the welding class. He has an awesome attitude and motivation to learn new things. I have really been impressed with his performance during this challenging time of remote learning. His ability to stay focused and on task has been outstanding.”

Congratulations to all the CTE Students of the Semester.