It Takes a Village: Amy East, purveyor of intellectual pursuits

Amy East’s first connection with Watershed Voice was as the subject of election coverage, when she ran for state representative of the 59th District in 2020. After her run for state office, the “recovering archaeologist” settled in as a columnist for Watershed and hit the ground running.

Critters, Culture, and Compost paints a picture of the struggles and triumphs of rural life in Cass County, and what it means to be an academic, a mother, and a homesteader in 21st Century America. Amy East is a purveyor of intellectual pursuits who insists on forging ahead at full speed no matter what she decides to undertake. If you aren’t inspired by the way Amy lives her life, keep reading, and you will.

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            Paid: Copyeditor

            Unpaid: Mom, Cass County Historical Commission & Society, Provider of snacks to a menagerie of animals. 

Your connection to the City of Three Rivers and/or the St. Joseph County area: 

            Born and raised here. I’m a Constantine alum and currently reside in beautiful Cass County. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

            I guess if there’s one thing that sums me up, it’s that I’m passionate. I try to live my life with purpose, and want more than anything to use my time here to make a difference for the better. I’m pretty sure I laugh really loud, and I’m not sorry about that. 

Why is this project important to you:

            Not only are the people behind WSV some of the best people around, they’re also trying to make a difference for the better in our community. And they don’t just offer your standard news fair — they promote culture and the arts, creativity and diversity. WSV lives its values, and that’s something worth our support.