Torrey Brown among Three Rivers city commissioners sworn in this week

(From left) Pat Dane, Tom Lowry, and Torrey Brown are sworn-in during the Three Rivers City Commission's annual organizational meeting on Monday, November 8 at Three Rivers City Hall. (Alek Haak-Frost|Watershed Voice)

Three Rivers Mayor Tom Lowry and Commissioners Torrey Brown and Pat Dane were sworn in this week during the commission’s organizational meeting on Monday, November 8. Commissioner Chris Abel did not attend Monday’s meeting but will be sworn separately before or during the commission’s next meeting.

Lowry received 390 votes running unopposed, while Dane, who also ran unopposed, received 267 votes to Justin Mitchell’s 177 votes, as Mitchell’s name still appeared on the ballot despite Mitchell dropping out of the race prior to November’s election. Brown defeated fellow write-in candidate Lucas Allen 105 votes to Allen’s 30, with 61 write-in votes being deemed unqualified.

Commissioners adopted their rules of order and parliamentary procedure, city commission/city administration guidelines, meeting guidelines, and approved their meeting schedule and holidays for full-Time, non-union/supervisory personnel for 2022 during its annual organizational meeting.

Alek Haak-Frost is executive editor of Watershed Voice.


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