Immaculate Conception School’s annual auction & drawdown returns after three-year hiatus

George and Sherry Butler were crowned the best-dressed winners at Immaculate Conception School's last in-person auction, "Party-Gras," in 2019.

Watershed Voice recently spoke with Immaculate Conception School (ICS) Principal Sharon Voege about the return of its annual auction and drawdown. This year’s event, “Rocking to the 50s,” marks the first live event at the school since 2019.

Festivities will start at 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 23 in the Immaculate Conception Multipurpose Building (601 S. Douglas, Three Rivers), with entrance dinner tickets set at $15, and drawdown tickets at $20 apiece. Those interested in purchasing tickets can call the school office at (269) 273-2085.

Alek Haak-Frost: It has been three years since ICS has had a live event due to COVID-19. What have you done in the interim and have the alternative events affected fundraising?

Principal Sharon Voege, M.Ed.: While we were unable to have our live event, we did do a live stream of the drawdown. We also did an online auction. These events, however, netted a smaller profit. To fill the gap, we introduced our food truck events. These could be done outside and have become very popular. Our next food truck rally will be Wednesday, May 11 from 4-7 p.m. at Armstrong Park. This will also feature our spring choral concert. The students will sing at the event.

AHF: Will masks be required?

SV: Masks will not be required.

AHF: The annual auction and drawdown is back with a 50s theme, what should folks wear and what should they expect when they walk through the door?

SV: Folks can come as they are but to get into the fun of the evening, they can brush off their leather jackets or find their poodle skirts. The theme is Rockin’ to the 50s and the best theme-dressed individual will win a prize. Our multi-purpose building will be transformed into a 50s style sock hop. There will be many games and raffles to enjoy like, heads and tails, treasure chest, 50/50, etc. There will be a live auction as well as three separate silent action tables. And don’t forget the drawdown. One lucky winner will walk away with $1,000.

AHF: What will this event help fund? If folks can’t attend Saturday how else can they support the school?

SV: This event helps fund the mission of our school which is based on the three pillars of Faith, knowledge, and service. Our mission began in 1949 and continues to serve the families of Three Rivers and beyond. This year with our new middle school we are focusing on developing opportunities with technology. Some of the money will also be used to fund field trips and camp experiences for social-emotional learning.

If individuals cannot attend, they can contribute to our annual fund, The Sisters of St. Joseph Legacy Fund. They can become a tuition Angel and help sponsor a child in our programs. Simply contact the office at 269-273-2085 or email us at [email protected]. They could also attend the food truck Rally mentioned earlier.

AHF: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

SV: One of the unique features of our event is that we give back 5 percent of our net profit to another charitable organization. This is part of our Christian service. Past recipients include Pregnancy Healthline, Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services (DASA), and Three Rivers Health Foundation.

Alek Haak-Frost is executive editor and publisher of Watershed Voice.


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