2022 Primary Election Results: LaSata falls to Lindsey, Carra tops Solis in respective primary races

Riverside Church serves as the City of Three Rivers' polling location. Pictured is a "Vote Here" sign stationed outside the church on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. (Deborah Haak-Frost|Watershed Voice)

Incumbent Pangle defeated by Baker, Rosado narrowly defeats Hayslip for county commission nominations

State Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) will face Democratic challenger Roger Williams in November after defeating Jerry Solis, Jack Coleman, and Scott McGraw in the Republican Primary for 59th District State Representative Tuesday.

Incumbent State Senator Kim LaSata lost her reelection bid to challenger Jonathan Lindsay, who will face Democrat Scott Starr in November. Incumbent Tim Walberg defeated Sherry O’Donnell in the Republican Primary for Michigan’s Fifth Congressional District, meaning Walberg will face Democratic challenger Bart Goldberg in November.

Meanwhile in St. Joseph County, incumbent Third District St. Joseph County Commissioner Kathy Pangle fell to challenger Rusty Baker, and Luis Rosado narrowly defeated David Hayslip for the Republican nomination for Fourth District County Commissioner. Both nominees will run unopposed in November. Candidates for the newly formed Second District County Commission seat, Erin Schultes (D) and Rick Shaffer (R), ran unopposed in their respective primaries. The Seventh District County Commission seat will belong to Republican Terrance Dee Conklin, who ran unopposed on Tuesday and faces no challenger in November. Commissioners Jared Hoffmaster, Dennis Allen, and Ken Malone all ran unopposed in the primary and will not be challenged in November either.

St. Joseph County also had six proposals up for consideration Tuesday, including St. Joseph County Transportation Authority’s millage renewal, White Pigeon Community Schools’ sinking fund millage renewal, the Village of Constantine’s fire protection special assessment, ambulance services special assessment, and police protection special assessment, and Colon Township’s library millage renewal. For those results, see our recap below.

State Representative, 59th District, Republican Primary

Steve Carra (R): 4,961

Jerry Solis (R): 2,627

Scott McGraw (R): 2,530

Jack Coleman (R): 2,386

State Senator, 17th District, Republican Primary

Jonathan Lindsey (R): 21,714

Kim LaSata (R): 13,628

Michigan Fifth Congressional District, Republican Primary

Tim Walberg (R): 67,036

Sherry O’Donnell (R): 32,713

St. Joseph County Commissioner, Third District

Rusty Baker (R): 813

Kathy Pangle (R): 678

St. Joseph County Commissioner, Fourth District

Luis Rosado (R): 680

David Hayslip (R): 608

St. Joseph County Transportation Authority Millage Renewal Proposal

Yes: 6,208

No: 3,511

White Pigeon Community Schools Sinking Fund Millage Renewal Proposal

Yes: 475

No: 325

Village of Constantine Fire Protection Special Assessment Proposal

Yes: 118

No: 87

Village of Constantine Ambulance Services Special Assessment Proposal

Yes: 118

No: 86

Village of Constantine Police Protection Special Assessment Proposal

Yes: 119

No: 74

Colon Township Library Millage Renewal Proposal

Yes: 408

No: 172

Alek Haak-Frost is executive editor and publisher of Watershed Voice.