Kalamazoo City Commission meeting: July 1

A screenshot of Public Media Network's livestream of Monday's Kalamazoo City Commission meeting. You can find the link to PMN's livestream at the bottom of this article.

The Kalamazoo City Commission met on Monday, July 1 and took several actions:​

The city had the first reading of an ordinance that provides updates to the local traffic code, relating to overnight parking, meter rates, and operational hours of meters.

The commission also approved a resolution requesting a State Disaster Contingency Fund Grant for the city’s response to severe weather and a tornado on May 7, 2024. The resolution also appoints Brandi Janes as the city’s authorized representative to sign documents and provide information related to the grant.

The commission approved a $100,000 housing development grant to support the rehabilitation of affordable housing units at 2203 S. Burdick Street.

The commission also approved a professional service agreement with GHD for environmental consulting services at the Cork Street landfill, in the amount of $145,775.

After a closed session, the commission approved a settlement agreement in the amount of $306,763.76 in the Lakisha McMillon v. City of Kalamazoo lawsuit. The city commission authorized the city attorney to sign the settlement agreement on behalf of the city.

You can watch the meeting online here. You can review the official agenda and detailed reports and documents related to each agenda item (beyond what is provided in this summary) here.