Preview: Fourth annual Watershed Voice Artist Showcase

Just Mikel. performs at the third annual Watershed Voice Artist Showcase on Saturday, July 15, 2023 in Three Rivers. (Deborah Haak-Frost|Watershed Voice)

The fourth annual Watershed Voice Artist Showcase returns this Saturday, July 13 at 6 p.m. at The Huss Project (1008 8th St.) in Three Rivers.

Ten artists will perform music and poetry to benefit local, independent journalism in what some are calling the event of the summer (it’s us, we’re calling it the event of the summer). Admission is $5 per person, and donations are encouraged. As always, we’ll have a 50/50 raffle, the winner of which will be announced toward the end of the show. Limited seating will be provided but guests are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs.

The showcase will feature music and poetry containing explicit language. While the event is open to all ages, the decision of whether or not to attend is left to the discretion of a child’s parents. 

Here is a closer look at the acts set to take the stage this weekend.


Mitchie Moore is a local artist based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, performing some of his latest singles “Tiffany” and “Chanel.” His latest album “M’s tha Ace III” is now available on all platforms. He has seen international success, with his track “Tiffany” riding the top 200 Shazam Charts in Nigeria. Stream or purchase his music by searching “Mitchie Moore” on all music platforms. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. 

Find links to all Mitchie’s newest music here.

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Born Mikel James Watkins on June 10, 1999, Just Mikel. is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and father based out of southern Michigan. Mikel attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, is a published writer, and has a variety of production engineering and writing placements all over the United States. 

Find links to Just Mikel’s music here.

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Courtney Moore is a 29-year-old single mother from Three Rivers, Michigan. She’s been singing for as long as she can remember, but professionally since her debut album Senful, released in 2019. Since then she’s released a second album (25), three music videos, and a host of singles. Courtney’s music can be found on all streaming platforms! Her Summer EP, made up of 4 songs, includes a pre-released single “Gone.” She plans to continue to pursue music and perform across the country one day.

Listen to Courtney’s music on Spotify.


Torrey Brown was born and raised on the south side of Chicago until the age of 13. His family relocated to Three Rivers, Michigan in 1990, where he attended Three Rivers High School. ,he was a standout athlete and is now a Hall of Fame inductee. He then attended Saginaw Valley State University on a football scholarship. Torrey now resides in Three Rivers with his wife and three children. He is a city commissioner in Three Rivers and a high school teacher in Constantine. He considers himself a poetic activist speaking on injustices through rhyme.

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Aubrey Barnes, nationally known as “Mister Aubs.,” hails from the city of Rock Island, Illinois. His journey in the realm of poetry, writing, and education has left an indelible mark on both local and international communities.

Cosigned by world-renowned poets of various different cultures, such as Dr. Madhubuti of the historical Black Arts Movement era, and Black Chakra, the most decorated slam poet in the U.S., Mister Aubs. is not only known to be one of the best writers in this art form, but as a powerful thought-provoking creative and captivating performer, educator, and founder of Young Lions Roar. Through his poetry, writing, and educational endeavors, Aubrey Barnes continues to weave a narrative that transcends boundaries, fostering a world enriched by the beauty and power of the spoken word. 

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Sabrina Banks is a mother of four and grandmother of 19, who loves to cook and spend time with her family and friends. Sabrina’s greatest dream as a child was to become a professional singer. One of her biggest accomplishments was performing at a convention with thousands of people. In addition to bringing her through some difficult times, music has also brought her joy. Musicians like Lauryn Hill, Monica, and Jasmine Sullivan are among some of her favorite singers. It’s impossible to travel back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. The more you fight for your dreams, the more your dreams will fight for you.

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Photo credit: Marissa Hoard Photography

A native of Uganda, East Africa, Samuel Nalangira is a folk/world musician, dancer, and choreographer who has been performing since his childhood and teaching since the age of 15. He has toured across Europe, United States, Canada, and Asia performing and leading workshops in schools, universities, festivals and community centers.

He is a multi-instrumentalist and a master at many traditional instruments including the adungu from northern Uganda; akogo from eastern Uganda; endingidi from Ndongo; ngoni and percussion. He has also developed a unique approach and personal techniques on most of these instruments and, in combination with soaring voice, his music carries a true identity of the sub-Saharan skies. Situka tuzine! Let’s get up and dance!

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ZACH “LUCKY” FULTZ (Guitarist, recording artist, beat producer)

Born November 22, 1996 in Three Rivers, Michigan, Zach got into music at the age of 12. He started by teaching himself how to play the acoustic guitar, and branched out to learning piano, ukulele, banjo, and harmonica. 

Zach fell in love with hip-hop as well; the album that made him love hip-hop as a child was “Be” by Common. His music genres fluctuate between rap and urban folk depending on his mood. He used to participate in open mics every week, but hasn’t performed live since Harmony Fest 2014. Zach has been putting most of his time into making beats lately, but still loves to play guitar and perform.


Debbie M. Allen is a Philadelphia native who has been a resident of Three Rivers, MI since 2015. She is a proud member of Watershed Voice / Main Street Media board of directors. In addition, she is a poet and author of three poetry books: A Poet Never Dies, The Spiral Of A Pisces: In Manic Flow, And Classified Unrest: The Flow Away Files.  

She began sharing her spoken art in 2021, performing at the Watershed Voice Artist Showcase. She has been a loyal participant every year since. In 2022 she became the first poet to perform at the Three Rivers Harmony Fest. She expanded her craft in 2023, with a repeat performance at Harmony Fest, which included a commemorative piece in honor of the 30th anniversary, and an appearance at the first Three Rivers Pride Festival.  

She continues to explore her passions daily, while remaining an active member of her community. 

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Becky Raines is a dedicated National Board Certified music educator with over two decades of experience that spans three countries. She currently teaches K-8 general music and modern band in Kalamazoo. She and her husband, Scott, and sons, Dylan & Max, recently moved to Three Rivers. Becky also teaches yoga at Harmony Yoga of Three Rivers. She would love to have you join her in class, mention her name and your first class with her is free!