Watershed Voice reached out to Ty Kovac, a local romance novelist who writes as Tylor Paige, and who recently published a new book called “The Seven Little Deaths.” She will be hosting a book signing at Healing Worlds in downtown Three Rivers on Saturday, May 28. Watershed Voice is also giving away her book “Missing You, Missing Me” as part of this month’s subscription contest.

Doug and Alek are joined by Three Rivers Library Director Bobbi Schoon to discuss the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a two-time interim library director with five degrees (Spoiler: It’s Bobbi, the Thanos of library directors), who has ascended to the full-time position after years of hard work and dedicated service to the Three Rivers community. The trio talk about the importance of local libraries, the variety of activities folks can participate in at the library without ever picking up a book (they’re getting robots, guys), Bobbi’s bout with COVID-19, and the library’s upcoming Community Conversations series.