Three Rivers Pastor James Smith writes, “God does not just work through miracle cures, but through science, medicine, and above all love. It may be that what is being tested right now is not our faith, but our love. Do we have the love to get a shot that we might not think we need but that will help us not get someone else sick? Do we have the love to come together as a country and as the world to defeat a common enemy to humanity?”

During the pandemic, my wife and I have found ourselves catching up on a lot of Jeopardy! reruns. In that time, we have seen some exciting moments, such as James Holzhauer’s stunning $2.4 million, 32-game winning streak or the currently re-airing Million Dollar Masters. But my favorite part hasn’t been any of the contestants; it’s been the host Alex Trebek.

“In so many ways, we have refused to pay the price of liberty over the years: eternal vigilance. If we ever speak of the cost of freedom, it is almost always in the sense of our servicemen and -women serving abroad. They indeed pay the price overseas, but there is also a cost to be paid by the rest of us here at home, and so often we don’t exercise our rights.”

“America, God is not our scapegoat. God did not create these problems; we did. And whether you are holding up the Bible as a magical talisman or whether you think the president is the Antichrist, God wants no part of our partisan fiddling as the nation literally is burning. In another time of national crisis, President Lincoln once said, ‘Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side. My greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.'”

“As a fan, as a Little League alum., as a ‘stat nerd,’ baseball has provided me more joy over the years than I can put into words. But for MLB to play ball right now would be greedy, foolhardy, and dangerous; and worst of all, it would be our national pastime sending a terrible message to the rest of the country precisely at the time when we need moral leadership the most. So in the words of a century of Cubs’ fans, I’ll ‘wait ‘til next year.'”

“All across this country in small towns and big cities alike, clerks and election officials are hard at work to take their part in this essential American tradition, but they need us to demand that our elected leaders give them the tools to do the job. We still have time to get this right. But the clock is ticking.”