Topics for this week’s episode of NerdPop Radio include:

-If the ice cream truck rolled up, what would you get?
-Joker 2, a musical with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn?
-Ms. Marvel ep 2
-Obi-Wan ep 5
-Umbrella Academy, June 22 
-Three Avatar: The Last Air Bender films on the way 
-Binge-worthy, must-watch shows
-Elon Musk being sued over Dogecoin
-Live action Hercules

Topics for this week’s episode of NerdPop Radio include:

Levi’s life in his 20s
Satanic panic and D&D
New Batgirl movie 
Suicide hotline number is changing 
Deadly weapons and mass murders 
Thunderbolts movie 
Spider-Man 4, Raimi/Tobey Maguire 
Morbius re-release 
110k to max out character in Diablo Immortal
The Sandman, August 5
Episode 4, Kenobi 
Episode 1, Ms. Marvel 
UFOs in the news 
Prey, Hulu, August 5
Black Adam, October 21 

Topics for this week’s episode include:

New song (CHONKLAP! by Out of Flux)
New studio 
Would you enjoy being famous? In what way?
Thor: Love and Thunder trailer 
Smaug’s wealth calculated 
Hogeys new chair 
Stranger Things 4
Namor to get new origin story in Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Do you think there is value in living a simpler life with less technology?
Sensible gun policies 
Jurassic World Dominion
Ms Marvel’s powers 
Top Gun gets good reviews 
Buffy and Xena
CGI gets fixed in she hulk trailer
Character voices in DND 
Mandalorian season 3
Willow series on Disney+
Andor Star Wars series

Topics for this week’s episode of NerdPop Radio include:

Do you think there are other universes?
Loki Season 2
Ashoka series is filming
She Hulk
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Daredevil Disney+ series
How do we feel about space debris?
TikTok Time Traveler
What about glitches in the Matrix?
Obi Wan in 4 days
School or Career?
Shazam Fury of the Gods
Stranger Things
What are we streaming?

This episode features a wide range of topics including:

Moon Knight Episode 6
What would your lightsaber be like?
Where is the best place to hide cigarettes?
The new Obi Wan Kenobi Trailer
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Help! My boyfriend won’t stop digging a tunnel.
Mattea Roach’s Jeopardy! run
New Doctor Who
New Umbrella Academy
Another The Batman
Stranger Things 4
What is your favorite video game?