Poet, voice actor, author, and Three Rivers community activist Aundrea Sayrie is passionate about helping people in all capacities. Having blindly navigated her own way through becoming a voice actor, she decided to write a DIY book for others in her situation: A Closed Mouth Won’t Get Fed.

Read Aundrea’s interview with Watershed Voice and learn about the trials, tribulations, and small victories that led to her grassroots guide for anyone interested in becoming a voice actor.

Alek and Doug welcome poet, community activist, voice actor, author, and Watershed Voice columnist and board member Aundrea Sayrie. The long awaited interview with one of Watershed’s founding members doesn’t disappoint as Aundrea talks the origin story of Three Rivers Open Mic, her Black History Month series on WSV and why she decided to change the format this year, her ongoing health concerns and how they have changed her outlook on life, and an upcoming book she’s written about professional voice acting.