New Episode: The Unapologetics Podcast — Season 2, Episode 2

Welcome back to the Second Season of The Unapologetics Podcast. This week’s episode is the first installment of the Unconditional Series. 

By an ever growing number, black Millennials are leaving the church, refuting and discrediting their worth and value, oftentimes because the behaviors of certain church members or groups whose practices didn’t render themselves consistent with God’s Word or Christian principles.

As a matter of fact, the term Christian has now become synonymous with white supremacy, oppression, unhealthy homogeneity and xenophobia. The Unconditional Series exists to foster conversations as springboards to undo the destructive conditioning taught to us, while learning or relearning God’s unconditional love for us that we should demonstrate in our daily social interactions.

Guest Ashley Mack-Jackson shares her unconditioning story. 

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