The St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation into Brittany Shank’s disappearance remains open, as they continue to follow up on tips and leads. Meanwhile, the community is doing its part to raise awareness with a “Light Up the Night” event this evening at 6 p.m. (Free Church Park, 203 E. Chicago Rd., Sturgis).

“This calamitous ruling is a devastating blow to voters’ rights,” Jamie Lyons-Eddy, executive director of Voters Not Politicians, said. “The decision fundamentally inhibits the ability of voters in this country to advocate for their own constitutional rights. In our country, political power belongs to the people, and it is not the place for ideological judges to decide that the people have no right to advocate for their right to vote and freely elect their preferred representatives. If you are not alarmed by the pattern of extremist judges tearing down voter protections in America, you’re not paying attention.”

In this week’s column, Watershed Voice’s Charles Thomas writes, “[…] the benefits of asking better questions are immense. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that changing the questions you ask yourself in times of struggle can alter the trajectory of your life, and over the long term be life changing. Better questions can also lead you away from narrow-mindedly blaming yourself whenever something bad happens in your life.”