Poem: You’d Be Angry Too

In late February Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed while jogging in Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia near his home. He was chased down and shot after being misidentified as a "burglary suspect." He was 25.

Warning: The following content contains explicit language. Discretion is advised.

There is an uproar in the streets for Ahmaud Arbery. Outcry turned into rejoicing as justice is now being sought. His killers admitted to ending his life in February, yet until yesterday they were free of charges, living their best lives.

This painful scenario is commonplace. #saytheirname has a replacement(s) every month. The killings, the cover ups, and the lack of pursuit toward justice. All of this is the marginalized experience. Although maddening, being angry is not permissible.

Too many times I have choked on the words needed to paint the injustice of my experience. Not this time. “You’d Be Angry Too” highlights only a fraction of what I feel toward injustice.

You’d be angry too

You’d be angry too
If it were your children being used for target practice
bullets piercing through their bodies 
Solely because of their blackness
Driving, walking, jogging while black
At home, Watching TV, having a snack
Spending time with loved ones
Taking a moment to relax
These were the crimes committed 
Right before attacks 
Too soon and unjustly 
These lives were snatched
Matters made worse because 
There’s rarely ever justice
The system was built on corruption 
And one more black body will not disrupt it
You’d be angry too
If everyone bears witness
But only when there’s a benefit 
Will “the powers that be” take interest
You’d be angry too
When a pandemic 
Begins to look like genocide
And the suggested solution
Is nothing but medical apartheid 
I’m mortified 
This shakes me to my core
 is a silent war
You’d be angry too
If you prepared your babies
Dropped them off to be educated 
Do your best to understand 
Knowing that without boxing gloves
They don’t have a fighting chance
You’d be angry too
If your 6 year old daughter was handcuffed
And removed from school
For a temper tantrum
Where was her protection 
Not a single objection?
Why does this only happen to children my complexion 
What impact will this have on Her love for her reflection?
You’d be angry too
I hate having my pain
My injustices 
My complaints 
My burdens
 reduced to the cartoonish narrative of 
“Angry Black Woman”
the made for TV American version 
The loud mouthed, ghetto, 
Head jerking, finger snapping
Toe tapping, gum smacking
Hand clapping, Aggressive person 
You’ve seen her
I mean
Why else
With tight eyes, and smile fake
 would you thank me 
“For not making a scene”
When there wasn’t a scene to make?
All I did was gently point out a mistake 
And then You thanked me
For not making a scene
You’ve seen her
Life long, I’m told
Fight, hide, deny her
It’s problematic as fuck
And I’m tiiiiiiired
I am her, she is me
This wife, this mama
This sista is ANGRY
I’m vexed
I’m perplexed
I’m exhausted 
I’m aggravated 
I’m furious
I’m hurt 
I’m upset
And I’m agitated 
my feelings will be diminished 
Just a black woman with an attitude
Total disregard to the magnitude 
Of the cross that I carry
2 tons on top of what was already heavy
You’d be angry too
Especially when
With everything that’s going on
I still try to fill the world 
With positive vibes, love and light
nevermind all of that right?

A native of Phoenix, Arizona Aundrea Sayrie is a firm believer in the power of words, faith and a strong spirit. Her greatest desire is to encourage those around her to discover and honor their truth, and to passionately live on purpose. IG @aundreasayrie.


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