Poetry: Sacred Space

You are always welcome here
This is your space
Here you are, sacred
Here you are safe
You are free
Blissfully free
To dance your dance
Play your heart songs beat
Remix, reset, rekindle and repeat
Because In this place
You are heard
Bare your soul
Every fabulous word
And when you listen
A thing so peculiar
The voice you hear,
will be inherently familiar
Not the soul whispers of anyone else
But those of
Your inner child and higher self
Here lies the gateway to enlightenment
The opportunity for radical transformation
Elevated vibration
Here you are permitted to radiate
In absolute truth
True love
True peace
True joy
Spiritual fruit
Amplify your capacity for compassion
Be still and experience
Every need being met
The releasing of burdens
Grab hold of your vision
Feel that flicker? That’s strength for today, and hope for tomorrow

Here, you are absolute 

“Sacred Space” is an excerpt from “Breathe” a chapbook by @aundreasayrie.

A native of Phoenix, Arizona Aundrea Sayrie is a firm believer in the power of words, faith and a strong spirit. Her greatest desire is to encourage those around her to discover and honor their truth, and to passionately live on purpose. IG @aundreasayrie.