Haley Homemaker: Stained Spatulas

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! You may have noticed that I took the week off, and didn’t post last week. I wanted to take advantage of the extra time off, and spend it with family that was in from out of town. I hope you got to do something similar and spend time with your loved ones!

This week I’m coming at you with my first cleaning hack. If you are anything like me then I know that you have some rubber spatulas and spoons that have been hanging out in your kitchen tool drawer for years that are probably looking a little dingy and stained. I found lots of different solutions online to solve this but the three I chose are made out of things that you probably have in your house right now. Of those three I wanted to test which way worked best. Follow these super simple steps to get those spatulas back to looking brand new in no time!

To test this trick, I ordered three white rubber spatulas and let them simmer in spaghetti sauce for three hours. Once the pot was cool, I left it in the fridge for five days to really let that red pigment sink in. Before soaking, I washed each spatula in hot water with dish soap and a scrub brush to confirm that the stains had set. Next, I soaked each spatula in three potential stain fighters: white vinegar, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and a bleach solution (diluted 3 tablespoons of bleach to 2 cups of water). All three spatulas soaked for 24 hours. 

Both of the spatulas that were soaking in the hydrogen peroxide and the bleach solution were back to sparkly white by the end of the 24-hour period. The vinegar one was improved, but still not back to totally white. Just for fun—I let the vinegar spatula soak for about a week longer, and it was still not back to 100 percent white but very very close. Take a a look at my pictures below for all the results! Please make sure you wash each spatula with warm soapy water before using them to cook with.

I have a few more cleaning hacks planned for the future but if you have something that you are really struggling to get cleaned properly, then direct message me on Instagram @haley.homemaker or email me at homemakerhaley@gmail.com with any requests or questions you might have. If I’m unsure how to get it taken care of for you I will do the research and report back! 

See you next week,

Haley Hogoboom