New community-driven art space coming to Marcellus

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Patch & Remington, a new community-driven art space in Marcellus, is set for Grand Opening on February 1. In addition to supporting local artists, these community spaces tend to have a positive economic impact on the surrounding business district. In a downtown setting, a space such as this is one of the few places that can actively invite people to the downtown, versus passively welcoming. Be on the lookout for events at Patch & Remington in the old Carlton Hardware building at 115 E. Main St.

Watershed Voice reached out to Sarah Ayers, co-founder of the project, over the holiday to learn more about this new community space in Southwest Michigan. 

Michael “Hogey” Hogoboom: What is the best way to explain a community driven art space?
Sarah Ayers: A community-driven art space is conventional in the sense that it’s an exhibition space, however, it focuses on supplemental opportunities for community engagement. For example, our first exhibition is by Mexican-American photographer Rosa Maria Zamarron and programming includes hosting a local branch of the internationally organized art+feminism edit-a-thon, First Friday art films, book club read Glitch Feminism, an artist talk, and a photography workshop. We want this to be a space where even if not every show is for you, there are other ways to experience art and engage in cultural opportunities.

Hogey: What renovation work did you undertake for this project?

Sarah: This is a fun one! All of the shelving was still there from its hardware store days, so we removed all the shelving and pegboard which revealed a hidden staircase and beautiful brick walls. 

We also tore down the drop ceiling, and are currently re-running wiring for more contemporary light fixtures, and adding a public restroom on the main floor. We love the spooky stairs down to the current washroom, but not ideal for patrons or people like myself that watch too many scary movies.

Hogey: What type of programming should be expected for Patch and Remington?

Sarah: Programming will range from regular events such as First Friday Film Nights and our bi-monthly book club to art classes, photo sessions, open mic nights, and other creative events. Obviously, with COVID, our events are limited-capacity but we are looking to build a foundation where we can scale up to accommodate larger class sizes and performances as safety allows.

Hogey: Do you have events scheduled already?

Sarah: We do have events scheduled already, and we’re consistently adding as we confirm teachers and listen to community feedback and requests. The best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter at or check back regularly.

So far, there are already 30 events on the calendar between February 1 and June 29 for the new community space; ranging from casual talks over coffee, to pinewood derbies, art exhibits, and fashion workshops.

Michael “Hogey” Hogoboom is a podcaster and writer for Watershed Voice.