Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Ron Weiser

Regent Weiser:

I read your outrageous, appalling, sexist and violent comments in reference to the top three women leaders here in Michigan. It is Women’s History Month, but instead of celebrating successful Michigan women leaders, including U-M alumna Attorney General Dana Nessel, you called them “witches” repeatedly and cast violent and hateful allusion to their assassination, calling for them to be “burned at the stake.” 

This is completely, totally unacceptable. 

As a business leader, you know full well this violent rhetoric in the workplace would be cause for immediate dismissal. You should be ashamed of your atrocious behavior. As a graduate and former employee of the University of Michigan, I am ashamed to have you associated with a great institution of higher learning, a source of pride and principles for all of Michigan. You should resign your position immediately, and apologize to all involved. 

In solidarity with strong women everywhere, especially in Michigan,

James Pedersen, LSA 1992

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