The Unapologetics Podcast: Unconditioning Black Women Hate pt. 1 feat. Shawanee’ Patrick, Mickeala Carter, and Shiarra Patrick

To celebrate Women’s History Month, this episode is about black women, led by black women. Friend, Shawanee’ Patrick, hosts and facilitates the conversation on loving oneself in a world and society that perpetually treats our sisters as “the least of these.”

Shawanee’ Patrick is a doctoral candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M. She teaches senior engineering students the importance of ethics in the profession. She is also the president of the young women’s ministry of her church. She has a passion for laughter, and education. 

Mickeala Carter is a graduate of Texas A&M University in Agriculture Leadership. Mickeala is a part of the praise and worship team and the leadership over the college ministry at her church. She is also the Deputy Director of Communications at USDA.

Shiarra Patrick is on the path to completing a degree in criminal justice at Sam Houston University. She desires to go to law school and focus on making changes in the legal system. She currently works in stock management. She is the vice president of the women’s ministry at her church. 

Malachi “A+Scribe” Carter is an Eastside Indy resident, teacher, youth minister, rapper, poet and professional tea drinker. Soon to be a masters graduate of Butler University with an MFA in Creative Writing, his goal is to give voice to people who don’t get to have their own. 

Join Carter on “The Unapologetics Podcast” where he talks about Jesus, black culture, and racism with friends. “Unapologetically black, unapologetically Christian, unapologetically me…with no apologies.”

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