Screen Tea Podcast: Listener’s Choice: The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys (2016, IMDb)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! Bust out your groovy vibes, man, because this week Lisha and Jules are covering the Listener’s Choice pick, Shane Black’s 2016 crime comedy, The Nice Guys!

Pick up those protest signs (for the birds!) and chant along as Lisha laughs over some stuff (and stuff) (including RDJ), and yells about a lot of other stuff (and stuff) while Jules points out alllllll of the fence-sitting while gushing over the innocent violence of Russell Crowe…and also, of course, both of your hosts can’t stop loving Ryan Gosling being an adorkable moron. Spoiler alert: This is a brutal episode, friends, so buckle up extra tight (and Lisha still loves you Shane Black, but man, what the hell). 

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Happy listening!

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Your hosts Lisha and Jules are an artist and a mental health professional. Have fun figuring out which is which, but also…be careful not to mess it up. They hail from Michigan, love movies, and served tacos at their lesbian wedding.

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