Keep Your Voice Down: Barroom theology and the freedom to question

Doug and Alek are joined by Pastor Devon Miller of Florence Church of the Brethren Mennonite to discuss what it’s like leading a congregation during a global pandemic, being a religious leader in the 21st century when so many young people have walked away from the church or were never introduced to it in the first place, and restorative justice as it relates to conflict resolution and healing. 

Devon can be reached via email at Florence Church is located at 17975 Centreville Constantine Rd. in Constantine, and you can learn more about Florence on its website at miflorence.orgKeep Your Voice Down’s theme is “Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Usand this week’s outro music is Big Time (GOOD Remix) by SkrxllaWEARETHEGOOD.

Keep Your Voice Down is a podcast featuring fellow Central Michigan University journalism grads and best friends Alek Haak-Frost and Doug Sears, Jr.

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