Keep Your Voice Down: A Gnome Commodity

Steph meets Elwood the world's largest concrete gnome in Iowa.

Doug and Alek are joined by Watershed Voice columnist Steph Hightree for her long awaited and highly anticipated (probably) second interview to discuss raising a son with autism, how the stigma and general perception of autism has changed over the last decade, and why an emphasis on acceptance of autism should take priority over raising awareness of the developmental disorder. The trio also does a deep dive on Steph’s unique hobby and life’s work: collecting gnomes.

Steph’s “Gnome Room” is getting crowded, with 245 gnomes residing in the alcove near her living room.

If you missed Steph’s first appearance on Keep Your Voice Down you can listen to it here. You can follow Steph on Instagram @MomLife2 and read her weekly column on Watershed Voice. Keep Your Voice Down’s theme is “Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Usand this week’s outro music is “Drip Drip” by Montythehokage.

MISSING (since 2013): Melvin the Gnome

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