Keep Your Voice Down: Biohazard

(Original photo by Luce Photography|Photo illustration by Deborah Haak-Frost)

WARNING: In this week’s episode, Alek and Doug get personal. 

No guest, no headlines, just a pair of college best friends discussing three aspects of their lives that explain who they are, and who they hope to become. So put on your hazmat suit (unless you’re comfortable with vulnerability and intimate conversations, then you’re probably safe with just the tissues), and tune into the Season 3 premiere of Keep Your Voice Down.

Keep Your Voice Down’s theme is “Howling at the Moon” by D Fine Us, and this week’s outro music is “Kingdom Come” by Theevs. You can support the show with a donation here.

Keep Your Voice Down is a podcast featuring fellow Central Michigan University journalism grads and best friends Alek Haak-Frost and Doug Sears, Jr.

Any views or opinions expressed on “Keep Your Voice Down” are those of its hosts and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Watershed Voice staff or its board of directors.


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