Screen Tea Podcast: Encanto

Encanto (2021, IMDb)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, Lisha and Jules do what all y’all have been doing: they talk about Bruno ♥ Prepare to either continue listening to the soundtrack on repeat or start listening to the soundtrack on repeat after your hosts cover Disney’s 2021 mega-hit, Encanto!

To nobody’s shock, this episode is chock-full of Lisha hopped up on caffeine, psychoanalyzing all of the Madrigals and heart-eyeing over Lin-Manuel Miranda, while Jules hates on slow songs, examines diversity and manages to include a mini review of The Adam Project? Somehow? Oh, and both of your hosts REALLY HATE ON ABUELA, butcher the Spanish language (we really suck and we’re really sorry), and discuss who has the best/worst powers in the Madrigal casita! This was a really fun one and a really great movie folks, so we hope you come sing along with us this week ♫♪♫

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Happy listening!

Your hosts Lisha and Jules are an artist and a mental health professional. Have fun figuring out which is which, but also…be careful not to mess it up. They hail from Michigan, love movies, and served tacos at their lesbian wedding.

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