Letter to the Editor: Kathy Pangle to seek reelection

To the Editor:

I have recently filed to maintain my seat on the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners. 

I have learned a lot in the last six years, and it is my honor to continue to reach and maintain the civility, trust, approachability and accountability that this commission has worked so hard to achieve. 

This position requires a significant personal commitment. When I ran six years ago, I also made a commitment to our county to be honest, dependable, approachable and accountable, and have the integrity to do the right thing. I feel I have worked very hard to achieve these goals.

However, there is much more work and decisions to be made, and I would like to continue to listen to the community and be their voice as I feel I have done to the best of my ability.

I have served on approximately 10 committees, and now know how they operate and their purpose in our county. I feel qualified to continue as your commissioner. 

Once again, I am asking for your support to continue my role as your county commissioner. 

Thank You, 
Kathy Pangle
District #3 

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