Small Screen Tea: Stranger Things (Season 4)

Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things (IMDb)

Welcome BACK to Screen Tea Podcast! Surprise dudes, we’re alive and kicking, and coming back at you from another realm (just kidding, we’re in Delaware now!). We decided to jump back into things with a Small Screen Tea, so find yourself a nice body of saltwater and sink into the sounds of us geeking out over season four of the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things!

Be prepared to do some eye-rolling as Lisha does what she does best, which is get loud and gay over (loud and gay) characters, while Jules goes hard on Russia and both of your hosts damn Mike Wheeler to an eternity of torture in the lowest depths of hell (okay…maybe that’s just Lisha, while Jules sticks to making fun of Finn Wolfhard). Regardless, this one was a blast and we both really loved this season, so grab your headphones, send some love to Eddie Munson, and run up this hill with us, nerds ♫♫ Also, in the wise words of one King Steve Harrington…boobies ♥♥

*Forgive us forever for the background noise, we’ve learned our lesson and will never record at this table ever, ever again. 

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Happy listening!