Michigan Primary Election 2022 Preview

Illustration by Emma Crevier

The Michigan Primary Election is today, Tuesday, August 2 with polls open until 8 p.m. in St. Joseph County.

With help from the county clerk’s office, we’ve put together a quick primer for today’s election, which you can find below. We’ll have election results on Wednesday.

St. Joseph County/State Office Candidate List

Local proposals

St. Joseph County Transportation Authority Millage Renewal 0.33 mill for 4 years 

Colon Township Library Millage Proposal 0.8826 mill for 2 years 

Constantine Village 

  • Fire Protection Special Assessment 
  • Ambulance Services Special Assessment 
  • Police Protection Special Assessment 

White Pigeon Community Schools Sinking Fund Millage renewal proposal 3 mill for 5 years 

Full text of the ballot proposals may be obtained at the administrative offices of the respective Townships; White Pigeon Community Schools, 410 E. Prairie Avenue, White Pigeon, Michigan 49099, telephone number 269.483.7676; Constantine Village Offices, 115 White Pigeon Street, Constantine, MI 49042, telephone number 269.435.2085; St. Joseph County, 125 West Main Street, Centreville, MI 49032, telephone number 269.467.5603; or at www.stjosephcountymi.org. A sample ballot may be viewed at www.mi.gov/vote. 

Polling Locations in St. Joseph County

(Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, August 2)

Burr Oak Township – Township Hall at 208 Front Street
Colon Township – Township Hall at 132 N. Blackstone Avenue Constantine Township – Township Hall at 165 Canaris
Fabius Township – Township Hall at 13108 Broadway
Fawn River Township – Township Hall at 31194 East Fawn River Road Florence Township – Township Hall at 64010 Burgener Road Flowerfield Township – Township Hall at 12020 M-216
Leonidas Township – Grange Hall at 30970 King Road
Lockport Township – Township Hall at 58982 Holtom Road
Mendon Township – Township Hall at 136 W. Main Street
Mottville Township – Township Hall at 68596 Thomas Street
Nottawa Township – Township Hall at 112 S. Clark Street
Park Township – Township Hall at 53640 Parkville Road
Sherman Township – Township Hall at 64962 Balk Road
Sturgis Township – Township Hall at 26015 W US 12
White Pigeon Township – Township Hall at 16975 US 12
Sturgis City – Sturges – Young Center for the Arts at 201 N Nottawa Road
Three Rivers City – Riverside Church at 207 E Michigan Avenue


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