Letter to the Editor: Cass County Commission’s resolution in opposition of proposed gun safety laws is ‘dangerous’ and ‘ill-conceived’

To the Editor:

On Thursday evening, March 2 at its regularly scheduled meeting, the Cass County Board of Commissioners passed a dangerous and ill-conceived resolution. This resolution first states at length the commissioners’ opposition to the gun safety laws currently under discussion by the state legislature. If as was demonstrated that evening, the commissioners are opposed to these laws, then I would encourage them to write their own personal letters to their respective representatives and senators. As county commissioners, they should stick to working on their local duties.

However, apart from expressing their opinions about these gun safety laws under consideration, the commissioners have gone onto say that Cass County will not enforce any gun safety legislation laws that the state might pass! The resolution states “Be it further resolved the Cass County Board of Commissioners hereby orders that Cass County shall not support the enforcement of any new amendments or new legislation coming from Senate Bills 0076-0086, using county funds, appropriations, or personnel, or property.” 

The sheriff and sheriff’s deputies take an oath to uphold the constitutions of the State of Michigan and the United States. They cannot disobey state law just because the county commissioners do not like those laws. Why would we want resources taken away from our law enforcement personnel? This resolution is trying to use the power of the purse to force the commissioners’ will on others that are sworn to uphold the law.  

This also sends a very bad message to the new businesses and citizens we are trying to attract to Cass County. Do we want the world to think that Cass County is a lawless place, where anybody can buy a gun, leave it lying around their house or vehicle, and where dangerous people or mentally unstable people can threaten or intimidate us? No, let’s hope not.

Commissioners are out of their “lane” with this political posturing. Their job is to help administer the business of the county, not withhold resources from the courts, law enforcement and other offices such as the county clerk and the treasurer for purely political reasons.

Naomi Ludman 

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