St. Joseph County CTE Public Safety program visits state capitol

CTE Public Safety students (left to right) Matthew Jacobs (Centreville), Mackenzie Sanford (Mendon), Haylee Miller (Constantine), Logan Markey (Sturgis). (Courtesy)

Students from St. Joseph County ISD Career Technical Education’s (CTE) Public Safety program were recognized at the Michigan State Capitol on April  20 as part of the CTE Showcase. The class is instructed by retired Det. Sgt. Chad Spence, and was one of 22 programs chosen for the showcase out of hundreds across the state. 

A select group of students from the CTE class attended the special event held in Lansing where they ran a booth for information regarding the program, held demos for those in attendance, and spoke to legislators. “Representing all the Public Safety programs in the state of Michigan was quite an honor,” Spence said, calling the showcase an “amazing experience.” The students also had the opportunity to meet Michigan’s Education Director Dr. Michael Rice, Michigan CTE Director Dr. Brian Pyles, and Senator Jonathan Lindsey. 

Spence said he’s proud of his students and the work they have put forth as pioneers of the brand new class. “The program was the first in St. Joseph County’s history to represent any program at the CTE Showcase. I am extremely proud of all the students and the hard work and dedication given in the first year of the program. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment.”

Beca Welty is a staff writer and columnist for Watershed Voice.