In a resentencing hearing held in St. Joseph County Circuit Court Thursday, Judge Paul Stutesman reduced the minimum sentence of 41-year-old Douglas S. Shuman, who was originally sentenced to two concurrent terms of life in prison and two additional years for a felony firearm conviction, after he shot and killed his parents James and Arunee Shuman in Three Rivers in 1997.

Randall Miller pled guilty in St. Joseph County 45th Circuit Court Tuesday for the murder of Lori Norman on March 25, 2019. Norman was found unresponsive in her home, and police who responded at the time were unable to revive her. An autopsy report issue afterward suggested she may have died from strangulation. In addition, she had a variety of cuts and bruises she may have sustained at the same time. Appearing on Tuesday before Judge Paul Stutesman, Miller accepted a deal from St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough in exchange for his guilty plea on a charge of second-degree murder.

In the real world, recovery from addiction is often a lengthy and agonizing process, both for the addict and their loved ones. Recovery happens in fits and starts and repeated relapse is almost always part of the marathon road to sobriety. In fact, real world recovery looks less like that The Bold and the Beautiful storyline and more like the public trials being faced by St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough.

Members of the St. Joseph County Commission’s Executive Committee discussed County Prosecutor John McDonough’s status and performance Wednesday morning. Following Wednesday’s meeting Commissioner Dennis Allen told WSV that McDonough said, “he was making progress in his health and returning health-wise. In consulting with his medical doctors, he feels comfortable that they will release him to come back to work before or just after September 1, and that’s his plan at this time.”

A group of constituents of the St. Joseph County Commission, including several elected officials, along with three Branch County residents, submitted a letter to the commission Monday morning. The letter, whose 26 signatories include 59th District State Representative Aaron Miller and several township officials, asks the commission to call for County Prosecutor John McDonough’s resignation.