Garnering uniform support among Democrats and largely condemnation from Republicans, Senate Bills 76–86 would mandate universal background checks for all firearm purchases in Michigan, require that gun owners safely store firearms that could be accessed by minors, and permit a court to order the temporary removal of guns from someone who may be a danger to themselves or others. 

A group of gun safety advocates launched an “exploratory committee” last week to examine the possibility of a 2024 ballot initiative to pass some form of gun safety legislation if the Michigan Legislature fails to act on the issue themselves. The organization would like to see reforms on universal background checks, safe storage measures, red flag laws, and prohibitions on guns at government buildings like the state Capitol.

Executive Editor Alek Haak-Frost writes, “We are a polarized nation, we pick sides, and more often than not choose hate over love. Kids have noticed and are taking their cues from the way adults in their lives behave. We have a responsibility as a nation, as human beings, to shift our focus from simple solutions brought on by knee jerk reactions in the heat of the moment, and instead start to do the real work.”