WSV’s Beca Welty writes, “February in southwest Michigan might seem like an impossible time to enjoy your favorite meal on the deck of your ideal restaurant, but Martell’s in Kalamazoo has transformed that dream into a reality. Like a few of their sister restaurants in the Millennium group, Martell’s has installed cozy igloos for outdoor dining, and I was one of the lucky few to indulge in the experience.”

“Trans people are not dangerous, but are, in fact, one of the most marginalized, abused, and harassed groups that need to be protected, rather than excluded, by our laws. And it’s ignorant to believe that giving trans women rights will somehow impede on cis women’s rights, in the same way one would never concede that giving black people rights will somehow lessen white people’s rights.” — Zoe Thomas

In the real world, recovery from addiction is often a lengthy and agonizing process, both for the addict and their loved ones. Recovery happens in fits and starts and repeated relapse is almost always part of the marathon road to sobriety. In fact, real world recovery looks less like that The Bold and the Beautiful storyline and more like the public trials being faced by St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough.