“This calamitous ruling is a devastating blow to voters’ rights,” Jamie Lyons-Eddy, executive director of Voters Not Politicians, said. “The decision fundamentally inhibits the ability of voters in this country to advocate for their own constitutional rights. In our country, political power belongs to the people, and it is not the place for ideological judges to decide that the people have no right to advocate for their right to vote and freely elect their preferred representatives. If you are not alarmed by the pattern of extremist judges tearing down voter protections in America, you’re not paying attention.”

“Allowing young people to pre-register to vote — particularly while they’re learning about civics and the democratic process in school — will undoubtedly increase participation in our elections by ensuring when they are legally eligible to vote at 18, they will be all set to become a lifelong voter,” Rep. Betsy Coffia (D-Traverse City) said in a statement released after the vote on the bill. 

Kim Moffat, executive director of We Are Voters and prolific podcaster (Here’s What’s Happening, Dawson’s Darlings, My America), joins Alek and Doug on Keep Your Voice Down this week to discuss all things voting. We Are Voters is a nonpartisan nonprofit that aims to reimagine civics education, reestablish a healthy dialogue concerning government and politics, and build stronger, more informed voters regardless of political affiliation.

It’s not certain whether the Reproductive Freedom for All proposal will get in front of voters in November after the Board of State Canvassers deadlocked on party lines Wednesday. The board also deadlocked Wednesday on whether an initiative to expand voting rights will end up on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. Both matters are now expected to be resolved in the Michigan Supreme Court.