Second Cat Hoarding Situation Addressed, This Time in Three Rivers

Following a previous situation in which more than 140 cats were seized in a hoarding situation in Park Township, Three Rivers Police Department (TRPD) responded to a similar situation in the 100 Block of North Lincoln Avenue this week. 

On Wednesday at 9:40 a.m., the TRPD Code Enforcement and Animal Control Officer served an administrative search warrant on the house after receiving a tip in connection with the Park Township incident. A warrant for that incident was served by St. Joseph County Animal Control Agency (SJCACA) and other agencies on August 4. In Wednesday’s search, 40 feral cats were seized and taken to SJCACA. 

The TRPD was assisted in its response by the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency and Cass County Animal Control, as well as a building inspector from Safebuilt, the third-party firm that the City of Three Rivers contracts for assistance with code enforcement and inspection. In a press release, TRPD thanked neighborhood residents who supplied water and Gatorade to responders during the removal of the cats.


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