Letter to the Editor: ‘Look No Further than Amy East’

To the Editor:

As we get closer and closer to filling out our ballots, we are all aware that we are facing a polarizing Presidential Election. However, we are also voting towards the future of the 59th District. With our current incumbent Representative Aaron Miller leaving due to his expiring term limit, we are now being faced with choosing between three candidates. When looking to vote for one of the three candidates I ask that you disregard the “D” and “R” next to their names but investigate their policies and how they plan on impacting the 59th for years to come.

If you’re looking for a candidate who will push full funding for public schools and reduce government mandated testing, all while staying bi-partisan, I ask that you read into Amy East. 

If you’re looking for a candidate who is focused on our downtown districts, please study Amy East. Amy East is focused on working for tax incentives for renovations of historic downtown districts. She will also focus on skilled labor trades that will assist all local constituents of the 59th District.

If you’re looking for a candidate that is focused on the environment, look no further than Amy East. Amy will support legislation that offers initiatives for individuals, communities and farms who will utilize climate-resilient materials which will allow for the 59th to remain one of the richest agricultural areas of the state. 

Amy is currently running against two other opponents, Jack Coleman as a write-in and Steve Carra. As a voter in the 59th District, it is up to all of us to investigate who we are voting for. Carra recently ran a campaign in 2018 to serve on the County Board in Kalamazoo and after failing to win a seat, he moved into the 59th District in hopes of stealing a seat from candidates who care about this district.

Running as an out-of-town candidate is a disservice to all of us who reside in the 59th District, and  Carra continually runs a campaign largely based upon fear and emotion, meanwhile offering little to no policy that will impact any of his constituents within the 59th District. I, for one, do not want a failed candidate who ran a failed campaign in Kalamazoo, telling me what is best for the district that I have lived my entire life in.

Lastly, we have Jack Coleman who is running as a write-in candidate. I personally do not know Jack Coleman, but from what I have seen, he is an honorable man who truly cares about his community and continues to offer up bi-partisan solutions for our district. If anything, that I have said doesn’t convince you to ignore the party listed next to a name, then I ask that you write-in candidate Jack Coleman as opposed to the out-of-town candidate, Steve Carra.

Layne Deuel
Three Rivers

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