Letter: Pangle Asks for Constituents’ Votes

Kathy Pangle

Kathy Pangle is an incumbent candidate for the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners representing District Two. She submitted the following letter to Watershed Voice. Except for minor typographical edits, it is reproduced here in full and unmodified form.

I’m Kathy Pangle, and am once again asking for your vote, support and confidence in me to continue to represent you as your District #2 County Commissioner. I would like to continue to represent my constituents as well as the whole county as we move forward in making some difficult decisions in the future.

My goals for the past four years have been to bring transparency, dependability, accountability and integrity to the commission board. I have worked hard, done my best and strongly feel I have reached those goals as your commissioner. I have responded to every phone call that I have received, and my door has always been open to any concerns I may be able to answer or help with. A commissioner is supposed to be a voice and guide to not only their district but to all the residents of the county.

I also feel during the past four years with the changes that have been made, communication is much improved, and people are more comfortable to voice their opinions and concerns without feeling they are going to be attacked as I had witnessed in the past on many occasions. People that ask questions received answers in a timely manner. Mutual respect has been restored on both sides, which was also lacking years ago. 

Communication with the various boards and lack of attendance at those boards has also been a major change for the good. I currently serve on 10 boards, co-chair two, and am honored to be co-chair of the county commission.

St. Joseph County still has goals to achieve but we also have priorities, I would love to have the opportunity to continue working for you, again thank you for your support.

Kathy Pangle

Mendon, MI

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