Layne Deuel: Why I support Watershed Voice

Layne Deuel, Watershed Voice subscriber since 2020

When it comes to community-supported journalism, Watershed Voice is the sole leader. Watershed shines a light on news stories that would quite often be overlooked by larger publications, and by doing that, Watershed Voice is giving the community news that may impact their daily lives.

When I’m looking to read an online publication, I want a publication that gives unbiased facts; Watershed Voice does that with the highest degree of decorum. Not only does Watershed Voice provide our communities with local news stories, but they also provide local voices a platform to voice their own concerns, passions, and stories in hopes to grow and educate our small corner of Michigan with ideas that they may not currently possess.

I for one, am extremely grateful to be a subscriber and contributor to Watershed Voice, and I hope others join me in growing this fantastic publication.

Layne Deuel
Three Rivers
Watershed Voice contributor and subscriber since 2020