Amy Davidhizar: Why I support Watershed Voice

Amy Davidhizar

Watershed Voice is something special. Not only do you get your standard local news fare, you get coverage of topics and events that those standard news sources won’t dare to mention. You get arts, poetry, stories, culture, and podcasts. A diversity of offerings by a diverse group of contributors for a diverse world. 

I also know that when I support Watershed Voice, I’m supporting a local organization invested in creating a strong, healthy community. When’s the last time you saw your standard news organization live from The Huss Project or sharing information for community-driven causes? Watershed Voice is doing things differently. We need this kind of different. We need more Watershed Voices in our lives, but in the meantime, let’s work on keeping this one. 

Amy Davidhizar
Volinia Township
Subscriber since 2020, contributor since 2021