Letter to the Editor: Reproductive freedom

To the Editor,

America has a religion problem. Too many people reject the separation of church and state; which is grounded in our constitution. Too many behave as if “freedom of religion” does not apply to their neighbor.

Reproductive Freedom is a perfect example. Within Judeo/Christian religious groups are some who believe there should be no human intervention to prevent or stop a human life from forming. No exceptions. Other Jews (Reform Judaism) and Christians who use the same scriptures believe a compassionate deity embraces the freedom to prevent fertilization, to stop the cell division of early pregnancy, to provide relief in cases of rape, or to save the life of the mother.

I belong to the second group. To my fellow Americans who want to overrule my beliefs I make this promise: I will never support any legislation that forces you to make a personal reproductive decision that goes against your faith. But, I expect the same from you. You do not have the right to enact legislation to force me to believe and behave the same as you about reproductive choice. It is a spiritual matter best left to decisions based on individual circumstances and beliefs.

Let us live in peace with our beliefs.

Let God be the judge.

Carol Higgins
Mendon Township

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