Watershed Voice on publishing pause for two weeks

(From left) Watershed Voice Staff Writer Beca Welty, Executive Editor Alek Haak-Frost, Volunteer Staff Deborah Haak-Frost, and Office Manager Steph Hightree.

The news business can be unrelenting, and catching your breath can be impossible at times. Publishing five days a week every week takes its toll, and in order to serve this community to the best of our collective abilities Watershed Voice staff needs to pause publishing for the next two weeks.

From Monday, August 21 through Labor Day (September 4), our staff will seek meaningful rest and rejuvenation. Naps will be had, movies will be watched, and the internet will be avoided as much as humanly possible.

Any messages, emails or phone calls will be returned on Tuesday, September 5. Thank you for your understanding and support, it means a lot. See you in two weeks!

Alek Haak-Frost is executive editor and publisher of Watershed Voice.