Doug and Alek are joined by Justine Galbraith, an English teacher who recently penned an op-ed titled ‘I’m a teacher. Why am I considered expendable?’ for Michigan Advance. Galbraith shares the fear, frustration, and anxiety she has experienced as an educator amid a global pandemic, while Alek and Doug serve as a two-man hype team for teachers, listing their favorite fictional educators, and lamenting over the lack of Capri Sun, trail mix, and pizza parties they’ve experienced since reaching adulthood.

WSV Columnist Steph Hightree writes, “Most of all, I have learned I never want to be a teacher, and that teaching is a thankless profession. We really need to give these teachers a little more grace and credit than we are giving them in this unprecedented time. Teaching in a normal environment is hard enough but teaching remotely during a pandemic? It’s nearly impossible.”

This school year has been challenging for students, teachers, parents and administrators for a long list of reasons, ranging from technology issues to struggles with mental health, some of which are universal across the board this year and some are unique to the individual classroom dynamics and communities. One thing is clear: Educators across Michigan are feeling burned out.

“I miss my children’s teachers. I miss the joy of dropping my children off at school knowing they were in the best possible hands for the day. I miss packing my son’s lunch. I miss the stress of attempting to wake my 12-year-old up in the morning so she has enough time to look presentable before school. I miss the arguments and rushing out the door trying not to be late. I miss it all.”