Reopening your business? Use these Simple, cost-effective marketing techniques

By Naomi Johnson

If you’re like a lot of other businesses across the country (and the world), the COVID-19 pandemic has forced you to shut your doors. Now, you’re getting things in place to reopen. While reopening your business is certainly something to get excited about, you must make sure you handle it the best way possible so that your company can rise above the challenges and flourish for years to come. 

And for that to happen, you must come up with effective ways to tell people about your reopening. From planning the logistics to connecting with community newspapers like Watershed Voice, here are a few cost-effective tips for marketing your business’ reopening:

Prepare for Reopening 

First things first: To have a reopening that you can market to the public, you have to devise a plan for said reopening. Start by researching local, state, and national guidelines for businesses during the pandemic. What do you need to change about your operations? This might include placing social distancing signs in your store, stocking up on sanitation supplies, monitoring the health of your employees, and enforcing stricter hygiene practices among employees. 

Also, what does your financial position look like? Determine exactly what impact the pandemic has had on your company, and then rework your budget to improve your situation. Examples might include altering the products or services you offer, adding new delivery and pickup options, paring down your print marketing materials, and replacing them with free/inexpensive digital marketing methods. 

There are countless ways to adjust your business operations and finances to fit the current situation. Just take the time to figure it out before you get too deep into marketing your plan. 

Review Your Legal Structure

Another factor to consider is your business’ legal structure. Is it serving you well and do you expect it to in the future? If you need to change your legal structure, now is a great time to do it. By forming an LLC, you can get personal asset protection and tax benefits, and it’s much easier to set up and manage compared to a corporation. 

If you choose to form a Michigan LLC, you must understand all the guidelines and regulations in your state. Otherwise, you can easily get into legal trouble. For this reason, it can be beneficial to use a formation service; this is a cheaper route than hiring a lawyer, and you won’t have to worry about missing any details on the legal end.

Reach Out to the Community 

Once you’re confident in your reopening plan, start communicating with people in your community to figure out how you can meet them where they are through your marketing message and the products/services you offer. Some of your previous marketing tactics and offerings might be obsolete at this point, and listening to customers is the most effective way to change course. Reach out via social media, email, surveys, and any other channels that allow you to hear from customers. Moreover, try connecting with organizations in your community, such as Watershed Voice, that can help promote your reopening.

Use a Variety of Communication Channels

This is not a time to narrow your options when it comes to marketing. Even if you’re reducing your marketing budget, you need to expand your marketing reach to communicate your message to customers. These days, it’s easier and cheaper than ever before to do that. Take advantage of social media, email marketing, content creation, and other effective measures to get the word out about your business’ reopening. 

The reopening of your business is something to celebrate. It’s also something to thoroughly plan for and market. Remember the tips found here as you prepare for your reopening and put together your marketing strategies. And most of all, remember that your company will be stronger than ever before once you come through this pandemic!

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