Sayrie: The Poem that Never Ends

Truthfully, I don’t need an excuse to talk about poetry. But National Poetry Month is a really great one! It was established in 1996 to raise awareness about the importance of poetry. Before I knew it was annual observance, I had always looked forward to April because my idol Dr. Maya Angelou celebrated her birthday on April 4th. It was just so fitting when I did come to know of it.

Poetry is one of those things that instantly made sense for me. I wrote before about remembering when I learned how to rhyme in kindergarten. I had my ring of cards and my little recipe box of words, and was just thrilled to participate in all things related to the concept. In school and out. I loved every delicious word. Every new word I could command was mine. A possession no one could take from me, nor could they be left behind, like possessions often are for foster children. 

My little world was chaotic. No one pulled me close and explained things. I didn’t get the censored version of life experiences and there was a lot to process. Words and especially poetry helped me process. People have come and gone, places too.

Poetry has always been there. It has been therapeutic, a door opener, and a fountain of hope. Not only that but a comfort. I have finally come to understand that being hypervigilant is rooted in trauma and not the “talent” I thought it was. Although it is a skill… I digress. As someone with extreme social anxiety walking into new situations or situations that I don’t dwell in frequently, it gives me confidence.

I have found it to be entirely impossible to explain the impact and importance of poetry in my life. I tried to explain it in a poem and what I am left with is a poem that never ends. One that I add to from time to time. Symbolic of my relationship with poetry.

And it goes…

Poetry for me is like… water
Poetry for me is like… air
Is like 
living and dying and breathing again
Cleansed by eraser renewed with a pen
I need it
I bleed it
Ink fills my veins
I am it
It’s the spark pulsating my soul
my written thoughts… immortal
Poetry is a favorite song I play on repeat
The one that will always, always
Get me on my feet
A vibe,
A mood
A transfer of energy
It’s therapy
It’s there for me
A second chance
A second glance
A second thought
A sweet romance
Under low lights
Over long nights
A freedom
A responsibility
A phenomenon penned
Magic woven from imagination
An adventure with no end
A pause

And momentum,
A footnote
Neverending verse
A Creator’s curse
Is poetry…

To learn more about National Poetry Month and about how you can participate visit;

A native of Phoenix, Arizona Aundrea Sayrie is a firm believer in the power of words, faith and a strong spirit. Her greatest desire is to encourage those around her to discover and honor their truth, and to passionately live on purpose.