PHOTOS: Watershed Voice Artist Showcase

Poet Debbie Allen performs during the Watershed Voice Artist Showcase on Saturday, August 28 at The Huss Project in Three Rivers. (Deborah Haak-Frost|Watershed Voice)

Approximately 75 people braved the heat to attend the first annual Watershed Voice Artist Showcase in Three Rivers Saturday. Folks did their best to stay hydrated and were treated to performances from six unique and talented artists for what turned out to be a two and a half hour concert.

The event, held at The Huss Project, saw a mix of poetry, rap, rock and pop music from artists like Poets Debbie Allen and Torrey Brown, singers Courtney Moore, Sabrina Banks and Bryce Reed, and rapper/singer/songwriter Sherridan Harris. Each artist was given a one-year subscription to Watershed Voice for their collective contributions to what event organizers considered a highly successful evening.

Watershed Voice was able to raffle off a $40 gift card with performer Debbie Allen taking home the prize. The Champion subscription contest, which includes signed copies of Tom Springer’s The Star in the Sycamore and Charles Thomas’ Headcase as well as a $30 gift card as prizes, will continue to run through September. If you want to be entered to win you can sign up as a Champion today on our website.

Readers can also make contributions to Showcase artists by sending them money through apps like Cash App and PayPal, as well as buying their music, poetry, and merchandise through the links provided below:

Debbie Allen

Cash App: $Dfloessence

Books of Poetry: A Poet Never Dies, Classified Unrest: The Flow Away Files, The Spiral of a Pisces: In Manic Flow

Sherridan Harris

PayPal: [email protected]

Album: Day In the Life

Torrey Brown

Cash App: $tbrown22892

Courtney Moore

Albums: 25, Senful

All of the links:

Bryce Reed

SoundCloud: Bryce can’t Reed.

Charity of choice: Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services of Michigan

Sabrina Banks

Cash App: $Sweetbree4

The following gallery was shot and composed by Deborah Haak-Frost.

Alek Haak-Frost is executive editor of Watershed Voice. Deborah Haak-Frost is the Caretaker for Community Engagement at GilChrist Retreat Center in Three Rivers, and volunteers with *culture is not optional, a Three Rivers-based community development organization.