Small Screen Tea: Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass (2021, IMDb)

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast, and the first ever Small Screen Tea! That’s right, Lisha and Jules stepped away from the big screen for a moment because there was a spooky Netflix series that was just too good not to talk about: Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass! Do it up with a themed drink this week like your hosts and turn the lights down low as you listen to the dulcet tones of Lisha screeching about the hot, dorky, tragic priest; Jules demanding answers to the hard questions about poison; and both of your hosts admiring everything Mike Flanagan does, period (as well as a ton of crooning over Rahul Kohli and Samantha Sloyan). It’s a pretty blasphemous episode, but hey, so’s the subject matter, so keep the holy water nearby as you jump into this week’s episode!


Sources for information gathered for this episode were:,,   and here’s the article that made Lisha spin out re: Hamish Linklater comparing slurping blood off of the floor to a kitten lapping up milk:

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