Three Rivers Public Library & Glen Oaks complete first year of IMLS Cares Act Grant, expanding technological resources

$150K grant helping libraries work with residents, students in need of internet access

Three Rivers Public Library and Glen Oaks Community College have officially been facilitating the IMLS Cares Act Grant for over a year. The grant has allowed each institution to purchase 30 laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots for circulation at each library.  

The competitive award has allowed the libraries to expand access to the internet in the communities they serve for two years. With the first year of the IMLS grant complete, the libraries are taking a moment to analyze the impact so far. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with feedback indicating over 92% of participants were able to improve their access to the internet. 

The service has allowed participants to access education, workforce development, and/or health information they otherwise would not have been able to. With nearly 300 circulations between the two libraries, connectivity needs are being met in the area.

“This has been an amazing opportunity to assist people in our community with internet access,” Three Rivers Public Library Director Bobbi Schoon said. “We are excited that the grant has another year to go and will continue to allow our patrons access they wouldn’t have otherwise.”

If you are interested more information about these offerings, please contact the Three Rivers Public Library or Glen Oaks Community College.