Screen Tea Podcast: Barbenheimer

Welcome to Screen Tea Podcast! This week, join your hosts for a doubleheader as they record their impressions following their double-feature of Barbie and Oppenheimer, also affectionately known as Barbenheimer!

Don your best pink polyester or your svelt mood-suit and grab your empty cup or your bourbon and join in as Lisha goes full movie snob (yeah, yeah, she hates fun), Jules is the one who shows emotion (over sound design!), and both of your hosts conclude that hey, these are both good movies and everyone who likes movies won, actually. There’s some tense discourse here (over a doll (WHY) and over a three-hour-long biopic…okay, understandable), but hey…at least they both loved Allan 💗

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Happy listening!

Your hosts Lisha and Jules are an artist and a mental health professional. Have fun figuring out which is which, but also…be careful not to mess it up. They hail from Michigan, love movies, and served tacos at their lesbian wedding.

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