St. Joseph County Clue-Me-In champions crowned

Sixth grade students from White Pigeon compete in Clue-Me-In competition at St. Joseph County ISD. (Courtesy photo)

Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students competed in annual St. Joseph County ISD contest

The St. Joseph County ISD hosted its annual Clue-Me-In competition for fourth to sixth grade students from March 18-20.

Area schools participating in the competition were required to read a set list of books specific to their grade level. Students were then given three clues to guess which book they were referencing. If they guessed correctly, they were given the opportunity to answer a bonus question about the book.

After nine rounds of competition, the following teams emerged as winners:

Fourth grade
1st place, Mendon with 296 points
2nd place, Constantine with 250 points
3rd place, Colon with 234 points

Fifth grade
1st place, Constantine with 330 points
2nd place, Sturgis with 269 points
3rd place, Mendon with 261 points.

Sixth grade
1st place, St. Mary’s Assumption with 318 points,
2nd place, Sturgis with 235 points
3rd place, Centreville with 232 points.